Shoshikai Belgium is a non-profit association of different Belgian iaido clubs whose aim is the study and diffusion of iaido (ZKR and Muso shinden ryu) under the technical direction of Furuichi sensei, kyoshi, hachidan iaido.

All clubs in the association come from the Belgian federation of iaido (ABKF).

To do this, we organize at least annually:


Two private seminars led by Sensei (ZKR and Muso shinden ryu), lasting one week, reserved for Belgian or foreign Shoshikai members. *

A seminar open to all iaidoka led by Sensei (ZKR only), lasting a week-end. **

Regular trainings led by the delegate of Sensei in Belgium. *

Participation in seminars led by Sensei outside Belgium (Milano, Osnabrück, Athens...)